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Our Services

Baleen Data puts the data in your hands.  We search for, identify, and organize the information from the abyss allowing you to focus on the business.

We drive to help your organization along your data journey.  Our service offerings are tailored to help you focus your modernization journey, improve current data organization and usage, as well as maximize the investment in a toolset or platform.

We can adapt to your needs by increasing acceleration or by reducing your time to analysis.

Baleen, the brush-like teeth of whales, filters 1,500 gallons of seawater per hour to extract nourishment.


Baleen Data sifts your data landscape turning data into insights​, filtering nourishment from the noise!

Why Baleen?

Baleen Data | Data and Analytics Consulting | Geffen Mesher

Technology Partners

Just as whale pods navigate the vast ocean together, we partner with leading technology vendors and regional services firms, ensuring a united front for achieving optimal results for our collective clients.


The mantra "never win alone" reflects our commitment to shared success, driven by a team of talented colleagues and partners.

Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform | GCP
Amazon Web Services | AWS
Databricks | Azure Databricks
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