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Creating and Implementing strategies can be difficult, especially with a team that’s not bought into the plan. A well-designed strategy requires a data roadmap to produce full alignment and objective clarity among your teams.  This includes:

  • Technical Roadmap of projects and dependencies

  • Prioritization and order of operations

  • Clear vision of deliverables and required infrastructure

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Even with a roadmap in place, you may encounter issues around the way your data is interacting with other systems. If you're spending time cleaning or consolidating data, you could benefit from the efficiency of smart data engineering. To help with this, we do the following:


  • Design and implement an overarching data architecture

  • Extend and optimize existing data repositories

  • Develop and deploy a new data warehouse, data lake, data mesh, or other appropriate data repository where needed


Analysis and visualization of data is a combination of art and science with subtleties mastered over years of experience across hundreds of projects. Our team of data developers is expert at creating a rich and interactive set of data visualization tools, whether this requires an update to existing systems or an entirely new system. Our services in this area include:

  • Developing rich, intuitive, and interactive dashboards and data visualizations

  • Enabling detailed data analysis of exceptions, anomalies, and variances

  • Easing the process of report creation, co-development, and review

  • Facilitating platform selection, optimization, and customization

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Any investment in new data tools should be accompanied by training to ensure that their use is optimized. Getting your team up to speed as quickly as possible on the way storage, analysis, and reporting tools work is essential to a successful data-management effort. Whether we've done the design or someone else has, we can help with training in the following areas:

  • Methods of data storage, data engineering, and data analysis

  • Use of data visualization and reporting tools

  • Making sense of what the data shows

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