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Baleen Data's Pixelated Whale

About Baleen Data

Born from the gap between business, data, and software, Baleen Data's passion is making your organization's information available to everyone.  Gone are the days of limited ability to save data, share data, or force folks to wait weeks for the necessary report. 

Baleen's mission is helping organizations like yours increase efficiency by becoming data driven.  Improved visibility into performance, current trending, and informed predictions is a competitive advantage for all firms.  Our team will help you increase your access to information, automate data cleansing, or replace a 5-hour, multi-spreadsheet consolidation task with a single refresh button delivering more reliable results in seconds.

Baleen Data Blue Icon
AI Image created using Adobe Firefly depicting a whale swimming around data.

Image created by Baleen Data using AI

We could all benefit from improved visibility.  Your business success depends on it and Baleen Data is here to help.


Our pragmatic approach is built upon decades of experience helping businesses of all sizes in multiple industries.  We will help improve access to information, cleanse the information you already have, and improve accessibility across the organization.

We navigate the noise to filter the nourishing information.

Why Baleen Data

Technology Partners

In the same way that a pod of whales operates synergistically, our partners significantly enhance our team's ability to serve your organization. They not only broaden our technical expertise but also provide us with additional tools and capabilities.

This collaborative ecosystem allows us to offer you a comprehensive suite of services, ranging from improved data access to sophisticated algorithms, platforms, and processes.

The synergy of our team and partners culminates in a win-win relationship, empowering you, our esteemed client, to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

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