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"Hello World" to Baleen Data

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Geffen Mesher adds Data & Analytics consulting division to help clients with business data, reporting, & dashboards

Geffen Mesher is proud to announce the launch of Baleen Data, a new branded division to help clients make use of data more effectively. Geffen Mesher, a Portland-based accounting and consulting firm that has been serving local and global businesses since 1933, continuously seeks the most effective ways of aiding clients in achieving their business goals, and in today's dynamic, increasingly fast-paced marketplace, the effective use of data is crucial to success. The introduction of Baleen Data will ensure that our clients have access to cutting-edge data analytics and data-management tools.

This new endeavor acknowledges an important fact: data is an essential strategic asset that has the potential to overwhelm even the most well-run business. Competitive enterprises in the 21st century have to be able to leverage data for efficiency and growth, but many are hindered rather than empowered by the incessant flow of information that even routine daily operations can produce. Data can choke a firm as easily as empower it.

The baleen whale is our role model for facing this challenge. Just as a baleen whale needs to filter up to 1,500 gallons of ocean water per second to take in the nutrition it requires, today's businesses must be able to find and make use of the nourishing bits of data located in a seemingly boundless ocean of information.

Baleen Data will work with both Geffen Mesher's existing client base as well as new customers along the West Coast. The newly created Baleen Data division focuses on helping customers create new data roadmaps to leverage current repositories or create new repositories of data, including improved reporting and dashboard capabilities. Engineering, consulting, and training are offered in three main service areas: Data Strategy & Roadmapping, Data Engineering, and Data Visualization & Analysis.

Working in an industry where the technology platforms and business models of can change rapidly, Geffen Mesher continues to innovate in order to maintain high-quality client services, and Baleen Data is happy to join as a branded division providing solutions and expertise our clients need now and into the future.

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